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Instant Astro Question - Astrocafes.Com

Instant Astro Question

Vedic Gemstone Recommendation - Astrocafes.Com

Vedic Gemstone Recommendation

Vedic Astrology Consultation - Astrocafes.Com

Astrology Consultation

Palm Reading - Astrocafes.Com

Palm Reading

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Medical Astrology Consultation - Astrocafes.Com

Medical Astrology Consultation

Azoospermia Treatment in Medical Astrology - Astrocafes.Com

Azoospermia Treatment in Medical Astrology

Oligospermia Treatment in Medical Astrology - Astrocafes.Com

Oligospermia Treatment in Medical Astrology

Erectile Dysfunction Treatment - Astrocafes.Com

Erectile Dysfunction Treatment

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Career Consultation - Astrocafes.Com

Career Consultation

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Child Education

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Medical Astrology Consultation

Azoospermia Treatment in Medical Astrology

Oligospermia Treatment in Medical Astrology

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Vipan Kapoor

Vipan Kapoor


Prashant Kapoor

Dr. (Mrs.) S.B Kapoor

Dr. Satarupa Bhattacharjee Kapoor

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Clients Speak

  • Mr. Prashant Kapoor is one of the astrologers I chose to seek help from when I wanted to know about my marriage prospects. I appreciate the sincerity and approach of Mr, Prashant towards his work and his client. I am yet to see the results of his predictions because am still waiting for those events […]
    Hemanand Chandrasekaran - Astrocafes.com

    Hemanand ChandrasekaranWeb Profile

  • July 23, 2013, Anish was Astrologer’s client
    Anish Nanda - Astrocafes.com

    Anish NandaWeb Profile

  • Prashant is a person with sound knowledge of the subject. Besides being a Knowledgeable person, Prashant’s individualistic approach separates him from the breed of professional astrologers therefore a customized experience is always anticipated; which is personalized by the Astrologer more appropriately to suit your personality and need. This business is all about faith accordingly Prashant […]
    Amit Pateria - Astrocafes.com

    Amit PateriaWeb Profile

  • Parshant Kapoor is a honest astrologer, which makes him unique in all. His astrology predictions are accurate, and remedies are simple and effective. Above all he is a good human being. April 10, 2013, Jagat studied with Astrologer at Pune University

    Jagat AggarwalWeb Profile

  • It’s been more than decade since i met Parshant for the first time in MIT pune and we became very good friends. I knew from the begining Astrology is his passion.Post Masters, though he continued in IT industry but kept his passion alive and now continuing full time in his area of interest. He is […]
    Rahul Gupta - Astrocafes.com

    Rahul GuptaWeb Profile

  • Parshant is a dynamic personal with a great ability of leadership. He does all his work with lots of confidence and accuracy, No matter how difficult the assignment is. He is very good in communication and has got strong skills of client interaction and negotiation October 17, 2013, Shrikant worked directly with Astrologer at Blue […]

    Shrikant GuptaWeb Profile

  • Parshant, no doubt is great astrologer with lot of potentials doing both professions IT and Astrology at a same time. He is highly motivating and spirited person and very friendly and can easily become a philosopher as well as guide for anybody, who really needs to channelize his or her career or family life or […]
    Rajan Singh - Astrocafes.com

    Rajan SinghWeb Profile

  • Parshant is a organized individual having a good grasp on the subject matter, very detailed oriented and remedial as well. Treat him as your friend and then he’ll carry you to the last mile. I wish him best of luck and may GOD bless him with all happiness and joy. Cheers, Fahad May 8, 2013, […]

    Syed Fahad Hasan – CRISC, C|CISOWeb Profile

  • Words would not suffice to speak of the assistance and guidance which Parshant has given and is continuing to offer to any and every one he comes into contact with. I met Parshant unexpectedly through LinkedIn. No doubt, he is a blessed pious soul, and life couch who can show you right way to move […]

    Madhu MatiWeb Profile

  • All my dear connections….I recommend Mr parshant strongly for all of you ..He is a wonderful and a very fantabulous person to work with .His predictions are actually very reasonable and very accurate ….I recommend him as you all are my dear ones.. August 7, 2013, Sameera worked directly with Astrologer at Shri Saraswati Jyotish […]
    sameera yusuf - Astrocafes.com

    Sameera YusufWeb Profile

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