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One Mukhi Rudraksha bead is a very auspicious and rarest Rudraksha bead of all. Eka Mukhi Rudraksha denotes Lord Shiva himself with the divinity powers of Shiva. The One Mukhi Rudraksha has immense is main among the all Mukhi Rudraksha. It is the best and rarest of all Rudraksha bead and signifies pure consciousness. One Mukhi Rudraksha also represents Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh and is associated with Moksha, which is relief from cycle of death and birth. One Mukhi Rudraksha gol dana is extremely difficult to find, but one Mukhi kaju shape rudraksha can be found easily, but still before buying proper care and precaution should be taken. One Mukhi Nepali rounded rudraksha is very rare to find, but one Mukhi Indonesian rudraksha is easily available. One Mukhi cashew nut shaped (kaju shape) rudraksha is also readily available.

One Mukhi Rudraksha Benefit

  • One Mukhi Rudraksha washes all the sins of the wearer.
  • It cures heart disease and blood pressure by keeping the circulation normal.
  • Eka Mukhi Rudraksha helps to increase the financial pleasure and worldly status.
  • It is only Rudraksha bead, which bestows the heavenly happiness to a person.
  • This is a tool to achieve liberation/moksha.
  • One Mukhi Rudraksha helps to attain concentration/self-confidence and leadership qualities.
  • One Mukhi Rudraksha bead blesses a person like Goddess Lakshmi.

Power of One Mukhi Rudraksha

One Mukhi Rudraksha/Eka Mukhi rudraksha has the power of divine Lord Shiva and it is useful or the person who wants to attain spiritual connection with the divine. It is avery powerful bead for saint. This is the only Rudraksha, which provides health, wealth, and happiness in a true sense to the wearer.

Identifying a Real 1 Mukhi / One Mukhi Rudraksha

As the time progresses, man has developed lot of means to produce artificial things for the fulfillment of the desire. Even people have started making human clones, so making an artificial rudraksha is not an tough job now a days.

Now days you will find rudraksha in all shape and size available at small grocery shops and even in the online stores. Imitation One Mukhi Rudraksha looks real, but it does not have the same quality as One Mukhi rudraksha.

Artificial Rudraksha is made of berries, and nuts. These berries are round in shape similar to the rudraksha bead, so it is essential to test rudraksha bead before buying.

One Mukhi Rudraksha has clear lines on the outer surface with closed lips. It has deep natural partitions.

You can buy one Mukhi rudraksha online from Astro Cafes .Com. We are the only one having natural and original one Mukhi rudraksha. We have rudraksha trees in Nepal. All our rudraksha are handpicked and minutely tested before selling it to our clients.

1 Mukhi / One Mukhi Rudraksha Test

Thermometer Test – This is one of the easiest tests to identify one Mukhi rudraksha. Place rudraksha in a glass half-full of water and record the temperature before dipping rudraksha bead. Check, the temperature after 30 minutes, you will find that there is a slight rise in the temperature (1 to 2 degree centigrade), this shows that rudraksha bead is original.

Water Test – This is the common test that is used for checking the authenticity of a rudraksha bead. If a rudraksha bead is fake, then it will sink in water. Rare Rudraksha bead like one Mukhi made by tampering with higher Mukhi beads, this rudraksha bead will also sink in water.

Eye Test – Eye test is also used for identifying natural one Mukhi rudraksha. The Mukhi of natural beads look like closed lips. Sometimes, the rudraksha is made by sticking rudraksha line one over another, so it is difficult to find authenticity of the Rudraksha by a naked eye. The difference could be caught b y a 10x lens.

Price of 1 Mukhi / One Mukhi Rudraksha

Beware, as most of the gemstones and jewelry sells, artificial or man made One Mukhi Rudraksha pendants and mala/rosaries, so it is essential that you get a certificate of authenticity from the seller.

  • Original Nepali One Mukhi Kaju shaped Rudraksha starts from US 20 and INR 1000.
  • Round shaped Nepali one Mukhi rudraksha is highly prized. It depends upon the tree from which rudraksha bead have been extracted.

Who Should Wear One Mukhi Rudraksha?

  • One Mukhi Rudraksha is beneficial for patient of depression and mental trauma.
  • It is the best bead for improving mental concentration and will power.
  • One Mukhi Rudraksha is the favorite bead for yogis and saints as it helps them to attain divine salvation.
  • It is best for the children who have less memory power and mental concentration.
  • One Mukhi Rudraksha gives immense benefit to the students who are preparing for the IAS examination.
  • One Mukhi Rudraksha bead mala gives good effects in politics. India Gandhi, the former Prime minister of India, wore it.

Types of One Mukhi Rudraksha

  • Gol Dana Nepali (rounded) original one Mukhi rudraksha.
  • Half moon shaped Nepali original one Mukhi rudraksha.
  • One Mukhi rudraksha from Indonesia ( java )

Mantra For Wearing One Mukhi Rudraksha Bead

One Mukhi rudraksha should be worn by enchanting the following mantra.

“Om Namah Shivaya, Om Hrim Namah (enchanted 9 times)

How To Wear One Mukhi Rudraksha?

A proper day is chosen for wearing rudraksha bead. A one Mukhi rudraksha should be made in pendant and rosary to get immense benefit.