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Twelve Mukhi Rudraksha represents Sun. It also belongs to twelve panth This Rudraksha creates powerful essence around the wearer. The Twelve Mukhi Rudraksha is the creator of the brilliancy and luster in a person. It is very helpful for a person, who wants to attain powerful position in life. This rudraksha helps to pacify malefic effect of Sun. This Rudraksha helps in controlling anger and cultivating patience. It increases self-esteem and courage of a person, and makes him brave and fearless. It increases self confidence and self-esteem of a person. It prevents the wearer from Akaal mrityu. This rudraksha helps to attain leadership qualities and is very helpful for politician and administrators.

By enchanting Rudraksha beads, a person can feel immense pleasure and benefit. It makes a person truthful and honest in all his actions. Mainly, the worshipper of Lord Shiva must wear this bead to get his blessing. Rudraksha fulfills all the wishes of the wearer. As long as a man keeps wearing Rudraksha, he doesn’t fear untimely death. At the time of death, a man experience true salvation. It helps to increase self confidence and control stress level. Rudrakhsa is a Sanskrit compound word consisting of the name Rudra (Shiva) and Aksha (Eyes). Rudra and Aksha mean the one who is capable of looking and at doing everything (from the third eye). Aksha also means axis, since the eye can rotate on one axis. This comes from large evergreen broad-leaves tree, whose beads are used for prayer in Hinduism. This seed is born, by several species of Eleaocarpus, with E.ganitrus being the principle species.

Twelve Mukhi Rudraksha brings wisdom, prosperity and high self-esteem. It gives knowledge of all the earthy pleasure. The wearer of this rudraksha never suffers from physical and mental pain. It makes a man free from trouble and FEARLESS as SUN. It act as very powerful shield and provides protection to the body. This Rudraksha bead provides good health, wealth and prosperity to the wearer. This Rudraksha is most beneficial for the people who want to attract knowledge and riches. It attracts worldly pleasure. It helps to attain wisdom, prosperity and success in spiritual and materialistic world. The wearer of this rudraksha becomes free form the fear of failure and obstacle.

Significance of 12 Mukhi Rudraksha
Visually, twelve linings appear from head to bottom at equal distance of this rudraksha. It helps to overcome fear. It helps a person to attain self confidence and brilliance as Sun. It increases leadership qualities and administrative abilities. It removes anxiety and depression. It removes miseries, insecurity and provides immense peace to the wearer. It brings peace, prosperity, luck and fortune to the wearer. Eleven Mukhi removes mental imbalances and depression. It is very helpful for people in government/administrator/businessman and executive.
Commonly available Twelve Mukhi Rudraksha is not from Nepal, but from Sri Lanka and South India. This belongs to the same family, but the genus is Bhadraksha. Bhadrakshas are the cousin of Rudraksha, but not very powerful. Twelve Mukhi from Nepal is very rare to find and has an immense power. It is very useful for leaders and politician. A bracelet or malas of Twelve Mukhi of 54+1 or 108+1 bead is very rare and full of power. It is especially to evoke consciousness and to attain attachment with the almighty.

Benefits of 12 Mukhi Rudraksha
It removes the stress, anxiety and depression of a person.
It gives luster / brilliance / vitality and radiance.
It helps to increase self confidence / low self esteem and motivation.
It decreases stress / worries / and anger.
It alleviates Manipuri Chakra (Navel psychic center).
It helps to regulate functioning of digestive gland.
It removes negative effect of Sun.
It heals pancreas / liver ailment / digestive problem and psychomatic disease.
It Increases self image of a person and motivation.
It removes all the worries, fear and suspicious of a person.
This rudraksha makes a person happy, healthier and wealthier.
It helps household, businessman, politicians, and administrator.

Power of Twelve/12 Mukhi Rudraksha
This is the supreme Rudraksha that denotes Rudra Kalagini. It doesn’t represent any specific planets. A person who wears this bead is blessed with obstacle free life, and growth of spiritual knowledge. It removes body pain, chronic headache and alcoholism. It removes nervous disorder and depression.. It is very good for respiratory health system. It helps to attain wealthy and prosperous life.

It is the Light of Universal Friendship.
It is the Light of compelling radiance.
It decreases darkness.
It Light of mystic fire.
It gives the Light of enlighten.
It gives Light of sage.
It is the Light that remove affliction.
It gives Light of intelligence.
It gives Light of shining principle.
It gives Light of dawn.
It is the Light of shining principle.
It gives Golden colored healing gold.

Astrological View
Ruling Lord-Lord Sun
Ruling Planet-Sun

Twelve/12 Mukhi Rudraksha Test
There are various tests for Rudraksha, which is used to test its originality.

Thermometer Test- This test is the easiest test that can be done by anyone, to check its originality.Place Rudraksha in a glass with small amount of water. Record the temperature after 30 minutes. You will observe 1 or 2 degree centigrade rise in temperature. This shows that the bead is original.

Energization of Twelve/12 Mukhi Rudraksha Bead
We at Astrocafes.com looks for the need of our clients and we energize each Rudraksha before dispatching to our clients Pran Pratishtha is done by our special Pundits.

How to wear Twelve Mukhi Rudraksha
Twelve Mukhi Rudraksha should be worn around the neck or alternately kept in the place of worship.

“Sri Surayae Namah” (It should be enchanted 9 times)