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The literal meaning of the word “Gomati Chakra” means a weapon in the form of discus found from Gomti. It is not a weapon, but actually, this is a miracle of the forces of nature in the form of shell stone. Gomati Chakra is  used in Tantra products. Gomati Chakra occurs naturally in the river Gomati. It is a rare natural product found in the river Goomati near dwarka. These Chakras are extensively used in religious ceremonies and worshipping of Yantras. It is rare natural stone, formed of shell stone. Gomati chakra mainly resembles the Sudarshan chakra or Discus of Lord Krishna. It is white in color in the form of the shell.Astrocafes endorses an extensive use of ‘Gomti Chakra’ in various Tantra activities. The shape of the Gomati Chakra is exactly like “Sudarshan Chakra”, the divine weapon of Lord Vishnu and Lord Krishna.

Benefit of using Gomati Chakra
Gomati Chakra gives  enormous benefit if kept at home.  If you keep energized and consecrated “Gomati Chakra” with you, it will bless you with wealth, prosperity, good health, and harmony. It also removes negative energies prevailing around you. It is found very effective for small children. This Chakra removes negative energies from the children’s environment. Gomati Chakras if hang on the home prevents the people from any dangers and bring prosperity. If wrapped and kept in the grains, it protects the food from any damage. In some region Gomati Chakras are worshiped in the Diwali Days along with the Laskhmi Puja.

If you install “Gomti Chakra” after worshipping along with Goddess Lakshmi on Diwali/Dipawali and another auspicious occasion, then it may provide you with enormous wealth, and also opens new ways for good earning and prosperity.

Gomati Chakra is also very effective in a safety of building and house. If you bury this “Gomti Chakra” in the foundation stone of the building at the time of construction, then it will protect your house from all the ill and negative energy.If you keep Gomati Chakra wrapped in red cloth in the containers of rice, wheat, and other food items, then it ensures the security of the food. Some of our clients have communicated us the enormous benefit of this chakra after using it properly and it gave excellent results.

Procedure of Installing Gomti Chakra
There is a proper procedure for installing “Gomti Chakra”. Materials which are used include specific rosary (mala), vermillion, specific cloth and then worshipping ‘Gomti Chakra’ and mantra specified for you.

Why Gomti Chakra from Astrocafes?
Astrocafes keeps natural Gomti Chakra derived from river Gomti. In the market, you will find a huge amount of Gomti Chakra, but it is very difficult to find natural chakra. We provide natural and guaranteed Gomti Chakra to our client.Astrocafes energizes each and every ‘Gomti Chakra’ by special Panditas and Acharyas, under the ingenious guidance of Astrologer Parshant Kapoor. It is essential to perform puja according to the specific need of the person.
After proper energization of “Gomti Chakra”, it is dispatched to our clients.

Note: We provide natural ‘Gomati Chakra’ collected from river Gomti