11.07 CT Ruby 14.68×10.71×6.57mm


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More about Ruby (Manik) Gemstone - Click Here
Dispatch TimeSame Business Day (+3 days for typical Jewellery; +7 days for Bracelet/Gold/CZ/Diamond Items)
Return Policy10 Day Money-Back Returns*
TreatmentsHealed Fingerprints (FFO)
Weight (Carat)11.07
Weight (Ratti)12.30
Dimensions (Exact)14.68x10.71x6.57mm
ShapeOval Mixed Cut
CertificationFree Lab Certificate
Certificate Number1304160362
TypeLoose Gemstone
Optic CharacterDR
Specific Gravity3.96 - 4.05
Refractive Index1.757-1.779
Hardness9 Mohs
ColorPinkish Red

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Pinkish Red


10.00 CT To 14.99 CT


10.00 Ratti To 14.99 Ratti


Healed Fingerprints (FFO)


Oval Mixed Cut






Free Lab Certificate

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Size and Weight

  • Gems are always measured in Millimeter (mm)
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Clarity Explained

  • IF = Loupe Clean - Internally flawless; free of inclusions
  • VVS = Almost Loupe Clean - Very, very slight inclusions; inclusions barely seen under 10x magnification
  • VS = Eye Clean - Very slight inclusions; inclusions can be seen under 10x magnification
  • SI = Slightly included - Small inclusions can be seen with the naked eye
  • I1 = Included - Inclusions can be seen with the naked eye
  • Transparent = A gemstone having the property of transmitting light without serious diffusion / may have rutile or other inclusions
  • Translucent = Allowing light to pass through, but not transparent
  • Opaque = Does not allow light to pass through

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None: 'No treatment' means that the gemstone is completely free from all color, clarity and durability enhancements, such as heat-treatment, beryllium treatment, irradiation, fracture-filling, impregnation, stabilization or any other gemstone treatment. In other words, a non-treated gem has merely been mined and cut. More about treatments.